Native New Yorker, born to Pakistani-immigrant parents, my appreciation for visual art is a family trait that dates back to my mother’s early years as a seamstress. While studying fine art in school I also discovered my early computer geekdom through the joys of fiddling on my sister’s Macintosh IIsi and her Aldus paint programs (remember?- this was before Adobe bought them out).

Taking those digital drawing skills to heart I ended up graduating at The School of Visual Arts with a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Computer Art in 2002, where at the time my specialty was in 3D Animation. I have 10+ years as a designer, providing creative direction and doing development work.

Today I enjoy my career providing creative direction to Borderfree. I manage a design team while working within an Agile framework, and quickly adapting to the latest in emerging web techonologies. Outside of work I continue flexing my creative muscles.

My spare time includes sculpting in stone either in New York City or on the beaches of Fire Island, continuing to evolve each piece into abstract figurative forms. I’ve traveled extensively around the world, widening my scope as well as offering me the opportunity to become a budding travel photographer.

Recently, my portrait photography abroad has evolved into doing professional studio work here in New York. While working with talented models who are evolving in the theatre/dance community, I am able to capture the beauty of my subjects who are any shape or form.

Drop me a line at if you’d like a copy of my design resume, if you’d like to be photographed, or would like to have a fertility goddess carved in stone. 🙂